TAI Published

17 11 2008

So here, as promised, is the link to my Adam Siska interview HERE.  Feel free to tell me how shitty it turned out.

Also about the whole no show thing this week… We slept through it ok? We were sober, just tired. It happens.


Quick Update 11/10

11 11 2008

Nothing really new going on but thought I’d do a little round-up, so here it goes:

  • The show went well this week, with a smooth transition in and out of my interview with Adam Siska.  Arnell was back and we made a Charles In Charge reference.  Shouldn’t that be enougdetailh right there to download it?
  • If all goes according to plan, the written version of the aforementioned interview will be published on Monday Nov. 17 (same day as TAI’s DC show).  I’ll get that link up when it happens.
  • Last but not least, on Sunday we had our most ever views to this page in one day, so I just wanted to thank the two people out there who hit reload when they visited. No, but seriously, thanks to anyone who takes some time out to read it; that’s mad cool of you.

Keep it real guys,

The Academy Is… Interview Confirmation

3 11 2008

First, I just wanted to say that today’s show was amazing.  I think the best we’ve done this semester.  There were some technical difficulties right around 3am, but it was overall great.  Thanks to Craig for calling in, Fat for sending those records and especially to THE BOUNCING SOULS for sitting down with us.

But I just wanted to confirm that I will definetely be conducting a phone interview tomorrow with TAI bassist Adam Siska.  The interview will be played for the first time ever this upcoming Monday Nov 10 on Entirely Smooth, followed by a story/preview of the TAI show in the Diamondback, either in print or online, sometime around the 13th.  More info on the written story when I get it.

Photo: Josh Hammond, Popwreckoning.com

The Academy Is… Interview!

1 11 2008

This upcoming Tuesday Nov 4 (Election Day) I will be conducting a phone interview with The Academy Is…  More info during the show this week.