Keep Up This Winter

19 12 2008

So just a few quick things before heading into winter break (I’ll be posting sparingly):

  • As mentioned, Arnell has a show this winter, I’ll post the official time and show page when it comes to me
  • I’ll be posting my Top 10 Albums of the year within the next few days, and Top 5 movies around the new year (Still have a few to see)
  • To the best of my knowledge, not too much new music will be coming out in the absence of the show, but I’ll keep you updated
  • Also… It’s a longshot, but I have put in a request for press passes to Bamboozle. Doubtful, but hey, you never know

Listen to Arnell

18 12 2008

So Arnell has a show this winter, tentatively titled Amateur Cartography (which I named… ARNELL).  It’s Wednesday from 2 to 4 p.m.  Listen up Kids!!!

New Music From Tat is Coming

11 12 2008

So as I had mentioned briefly on last week’s show, we sent an e-mail to Tat’s management asking for CD so we could play more tracks on the show.  Well the manager, Adam Sloat, sent me back like the nicest e-mail I’ve ever received from a management/A&R person in my two years of doing this.  But basically he said that he was sending my info over to the Planetary Group (who promote young bands from the look of their website) and that I should have the album soon.  That was sent on Monday, so hopefully we will have the CD for the last show of the semester, this upcoming Monday, 12/15.


In the meantime, you should head on over to Tat’s MySpace and check out their music for yourself.  Sure, it’s not groundbreaking, but it’s kicking my ass right now in the awesome department.

Whole Wheat Audacity Fuck Up

3 12 2008


So on Monday I actually conducted an interview with Aaron of Whole Wheat Bread thta went pretty well.  Oh I mean until my GD Audacity decided to crash after I stopped recording.  And apparently to the Audacity people, splitting your temporary files into 12 second snipets and then making them incompadible with anything is a great way to solve a product crashing.  As you can tell I am thrilled.  So not only will I not have a story running in the DIamondback this Friday, I also will not have an interview this Monday for the show, nor will I have a great new drop by Whole Wheat Bread.
Carry On.

I know, I know

1 12 2008

Yea yea yea, no new updates here, but not a whole lot to talk about.  Supposed to have an interview with Whole Wheat Bread but their managment flaked so that didnt happen… There’s a chance I’ll hit up their show on Saturday and try to talk to them then but it’s doubtful.
Other than that, keep listening and we’ll keep entertaining.  Thanks