Hello Wednesday, Goodbye Co-Host

22 01 2009


Spring schedules are in and Entirely Smooth will now be heard Wednesday mornings from midnight to 2 am, so it’s a bit more reasonable.  But on a sadder note, Arnell has officially decided he’s too good for us and will be having his own show, Amateur Cartography in our old time slot, Mondays from 2 to 4am.

Na, I’m just messing around.  That motherfucker will still be around the show a lot, and I am tentatively scheduled to make some drops on his show as well.

In other news dont forget our old friends, and check out their shows as well.

Our good friends at Audioprawn (formerly Audioporn) will be MONDAY from midnight to 2am
FlyBoy Radio with Jamal Ferby will be SUNDAY from 3 to 6 pm
Savannah Jade kicks out Forever Young WEDNESDAY noon to 2 pm
Man, myth and legend Malcolm owns ‘MUC2 8 to 10pm on WEDNESDAY

The new schedule kicks in this upcoming Monday the 26th

About the picture… I couldn’t think of anything pertaining to the post.  So just look at how hot Katy Perry is instead.


My President Is Black

21 01 2009

Hey everyone, just a check up so here it comes.
Hung out at Arnell’s show this afternoon, kind of lit up the fire again so I’m psyched to come back.  Talked breifly to Andrew Quang about the schedule and we’ll be getting a confirmation soon about timing as he’s putting it all together this right now.  Speaking of which, I put in my official Oscar picks on the tail end of Amateur Cartography so download that if you care.

I’m excited for the semester and we’ve got some shit that should be real so, listen in…

New Music From Reel Big Fish

9 01 2009


A quick e-mail to Rock Ridge Music’s radio department yesterday led to a short but sweet response and a promise that I will have Reel Big Fish’s new album ‘Fame, Fortune And Fornication’ when it’s released on the 20th.  It’s a cover album so no “new” material, but it’ll be fun I’m sure.  Look for it on my first show of the semester.