Is it 1998?

16 04 2009

So what I’m about to write about may or may not sound like a Kerrang article from 1998 but I really don’t care because I’m excited.
First things first.  Blink182 news!  Mark quickly blogged about the new MCS album he is producing, but more importantly about the reunion, and even posted a picture.  I couldn’t be more excited.  Then he dropped a tweet ending with “why’d we break up, again?”  Jesus I wish I knew…

NOFX put another new song out there, this time on  The song’s called “Creeping Out Sara,” and is about an encounter Fat Mike had with Sara of Tegan and Sara.  I have a long-standing theory that when punks get old, their best songs are about their friends (Roger Miret’s “1984,” NOFX’s entire War On Errorism, Dropkick’s “Wicked Sensitive Crew” etc.) and this is a really good example of that.  He just name drops a few friends and tells a story about asking if Sara knew anyone selling blow.  It’s classy.

Also, Green Day has their new single up for purchase on iTunes, but I don’t support the whole “iTunes exclusive thing” so I’m not linking it up.
Take it easy guys




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