It’s Always Sunny in Maryland

26 04 2009

It’s 90 degrees again in College Park but that’s not stopping the music from coming.

So at the tail end of last week’s show, I played a song by a group called We’re All Wolves and said I’d elaborate.  The song, called “Turnpikes,” is completely comprised by my friend Paul, (amazing drummer, horrible human being) who started the group as a solo project, but now is making it a full-on group (he also drums for Straight To Film).  He’s recording on and off and has promised me an EP in the coming weeks so I’m looking forward to having that for you guys soon.

In other news, the mailroom was locked today so I couldn’t see if any new music came or not, but there should be some in there — more on that in the future.  But until then, go pick up NOFX’s new one.  It’s amazing.

As for tonight’s show, a new NOFX track, and also the new Gallows single, so be there or… download it later.  That’s fine too.
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