Colli Park Show

17 05 2009

Soooo a hardcore show happened.  In College Park.  I had a blast but it wasn’t 100% my cup of tea obviously.  Here’s what did happen:  This Is Hell was good — you know, hardcore good.  And Bane was solid.  I thought everything sounded the same but that’s how I view hardcore.  But then there was Strike Anywhere.
They promised (on their website) to play a lot of old songs, and they lived up to it.  I don’t think there was one song off of Dead FM in the entire 45 min set.  Terrific stuff.  And as always, their lead singer, Thomas was gracious as anything and hung around after the show to talk to some fans.  According to him, they will have a new album out soon — but more around September, rather than “Summer” as their MySpace previously said.  Also, look for the record to drop on a new label.  Thomas only had great things to say about recording with Fat, but says they will be on a new label this time around.

Didn’t  get a sound bite, sorry.  Next time I’ll be stealthier.




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