Insubordination Fest Preview

25 06 2009

So I wrote a preview of sorts for Insubordination Fest in the Diamondback today, you can check it out here.  To go off of that I need to give a thank you to a few people for helping out in that story.  For those of you who don’t know, it can be extremely hard to track down people in the entertainment business, and finding people who are accessible and nice to work with isn’t that easy.  That being said, I want to thank Adam from the Copyrights, Kepi Ghoulie, and Joe from the Dead Milkmen for answering my e-mails and helping me get the story done.  Not everyone was as easy to work with, so I thank you guys.

As for the festival itself, it kicks off tonight at the Ottobar with Teenage Bottlerocket headlining.  Doors are at 5 and tickets are $12.  The actual festival will start tomorrow at Sonar with the likes of Banner Pilot, The Metzingers, Pansy Division playing early, with Dead Milkmen headlining.  D4 closes the fest down on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  Find a complete schedule here.
In an unrelated note I’m finally going to see We’re All Wolves tonight at the basement show at Miracle on 34th.  I’ll let Paul get inappropriately drunk then ask him about the EP and when we’ll be able to hear it.

Be safe,




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