Full Steve Jackson Interview

30 07 2009


After a short delay, here is the full interview I did with Steve Jackson from the Pietasters about a week ago.  He was really laid back and gave some honest answers which is really cool.  But in it we talk about their future plans for writing and recording, the current state of the industry, how wierd New Jersey is and how he gets occasional drunk dials from Less Than Jake.  You can also read the printed version on page 8 of the Diamondback this week, or read the online version here.  This one is way longer and not torn apart by my editor.  Full interview after the jump.

You guys are only doing select shows right now, kind of limited to the East Coast.  Is that just to stay sharp?

Yea.  You know we, we’re old guys now and the guitar player and I have been renovating my house since September of last year.  And our drummer’s wife just
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Blink’s Setlist?

24 07 2009

Yea, at least in Vegas.

The mighty Blink182 kicked off their reunion tour last night in Las Vegas and one kid, djlucky12 on YouTube, videotaped the whole thing.  While I admittedly have not watched any of the videos, or read the review of the show over at MTV.com, I did look at what songs the band played.

I can’t say I’m quite disappointed, but… I don’t know, a little heavy on the untitled album.  But maybe it’ll be really good.  Correction: I know they’ll make it really good.  Setlist after the jump.

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Revival Tour 2009

24 07 2009

UPDATE — Both the Trocadero and the Canal Club’s websites confirm the October 15 and 20 dates with all acts, including Hause and Youngs

While I can only find a small amount of information on this, it looks like this year’s Revival Tour is taking shape.

I was on Sonar’s site and found a listing for the show and this year’s line-up looks to be Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Jim Ward (Sparta, ex-At The Drive-In), and Tim Barry (Avail).  Also on the Baltimore date is Dave Hause (The Loved Ones), and Jenny Owen Youngs.  I don’t add Hause and Youngs to the tour list because (I’m assuming) like last year, there will be different acts on select dates and Hause’s MySpace only has 5 dates listed, so it look like that will be his run.

Something to note here is that other than Sonar’s website, and Hause’s MySpace, no one is confirming this, so when I find more info, I’ll post it.  Hause’s dates after the jump.

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Interview with Ben Kowalewicz

23 07 2009


As I mentioned before, I had the opportunity to talk to Ben Kowalewicz from Billy Talent.  The following is that conversation.  He’s a great guy, their management was really cool, and the new album is going to be awesome.  For the story that came from this interview, go here.  But to read the whole thing go to the jump.

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Pietasters Interview

20 07 2009


Because when you’re hot, you’re hot.

Tomorrow I will be doing an interview with Steve Jackson, lead singer of the legendary Pietasters!  It officially will be for a preview of their upcoming show on the 1st of August at Sonar in Baltimore, but hopefully we can hit on the band’s plans for the future, and if they’re coming back to Santa Fe this semester or not.  Either way it will be fun and a huge honor to interview a legend.

Interview Update

20 07 2009

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to have a roughly 20 minute phone call with Ben Kowalewicz, lead vocalist for Billy Talent.  He was a really nice and well-spoken guy and gave a lot of good information.  As I’m writing this post, I’m transcribing the interview for the story in The Diamondback, but also so I can post it in its entirety on this site sometime this week.  Stay tuned.

Billy Talent Interview

15 07 2009

So I finally got off my ass and scheduled an interview for the summer.  And thanks to The Diamondback, it’s a big one.  Coming up either Friday or Saturday I’ll be talking with someone in the Billy Talent camp with a full story in the Diamondback on the 24th, and of course, the full interview on Entirely Smooth this upcoming Tuesday the 21st.

The Toronto-based group is currently third on the bill of that amazing Rise Against/Rancid tour, and have a new record, Billy Talent III, being released in the US on September 22.  They’ll roll through Baltimore on the Friday the 24th.

Until I get back on with more information about the interview, check out the band’s MySpace here.