Revival Tour 2009

24 07 2009

UPDATE — Both the Trocadero and the Canal Club’s websites confirm the October 15 and 20 dates with all acts, including Hause and Youngs

While I can only find a small amount of information on this, it looks like this year’s Revival Tour is taking shape.

I was on Sonar’s site and found a listing for the show and this year’s line-up looks to be Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Jim Ward (Sparta, ex-At The Drive-In), and Tim Barry (Avail).  Also on the Baltimore date is Dave Hause (The Loved Ones), and Jenny Owen Youngs.  I don’t add Hause and Youngs to the tour list because (I’m assuming) like last year, there will be different acts on select dates and Hause’s MySpace only has 5 dates listed, so it look like that will be his run.

Something to note here is that other than Sonar’s website, and Hause’s MySpace, no one is confirming this, so when I find more info, I’ll post it.  Hause’s dates after the jump.

October 13 – Skull Alley, Louisville, (I assume Kentucky)
October 14 – Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC
October 15 – Canal Club Dowstairs, Richmond, VA
October 16 – Sonar Club Stage, Baltimore, MD
October 20 – The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA




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