Blink’s Pittsburgh Setlist

19 08 2009

On top of being on-air right now I felt obligated to post this.  I’ll also hopefully have a quick update tomorrow as well.  But before we get to that, I was, of course, at the Blink 182 show in Pittsburgh this past Friday and got the setlist to follow up on my earlier post.  Here it is! Oh the excitement!

1.  Dumpweed
2.  Feeling This
3.  Rock Show
4.  What’s My Age Again
5.  Obvious
6.  I Miss You
7.  Stay Together For The Kids
8.  Down
9.  Always
10.  Stockholm Syndrome
11.  First Date
12.  Man Overboard
13.  Going Away To College
14.  Not Now
15.  Adam’s Song
16.  All The Small Things
17.  Reckless Abandon
18.  Josie
19.  Anthem Pt. 2
20.  Travis Drum Solo
21.  Carousel
22.  Dammit




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