DJing for real?

25 09 2009

So as I’m typing this I’m sitting in Stamp playing a mixture of music I would sometimes play on the show, and some hip-hop I wouldn’t bring to ES. Either way it’s kind of cool; I got a few people bobbing to Atmosphere. That’s all. Juts letting you all know I’m borderline legit


Owl City Interview

23 09 2009

Owl City Photo 1 by Pamela Littky
So I know Owl City is nothing I’d normally play on the show but I really did their sound and wanted to post my interview with Adam Young.  The full story that got published can be found here, while the full interview can be found after the jump.  It was an e-mail so it’s a bit brief but I like it anyway.

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23 09 2009

Or should I say lack of updates?

Yea, it’s been slow around these parts as I’ve been quite busy with school and the paper to really have anything exciting going on.  So to make up for it I’m going to post a quick interview I did with Owl City earlier this month; it’ll be up later today.

Also, I’ve decided to transcribe all the interviews I’ve done in the past year, and they’ll all be posted under a new tab soon.  Obviously, the ones that I’ve already posted will be first (Steve Jackson, etc), but some old ones like Adam Siska will also be up eventually.

So that’s it.  Remember to listen and download the show, and look for some excitement soon.
Oh and here’s a link to my review of Brand New’s Daisy.

New Timeslot

1 09 2009

So the show will be Monday mornings this semester from midnight to 2am. I’ll be following Scotty’s True Metal Radio and that should be motivation enough for a consistent show. So starting next Monday listen up for more of the greatness that you’ve come to expect.  That is all.

Thank You

1 09 2009

thank-youJust a quick one aimed at anyone who visited the site any time in August, thank you for making it the most visited month in Entirely Smooth’s history.  It’s a dumb little site I occasionally write things on and the fact that as many people came here as they did, I’m pretty amazed.  I wish I had something cool to give out or something but I don’t.  But again, thank you all.