Owl City Interview

23 09 2009

Owl City Photo 1 by Pamela Littky
So I know Owl City is nothing I’d normally play on the show but I really did their sound and wanted to post my interview with Adam Young.  The full story that got published can be found here, while the full interview can be found after the jump.  It was an e-mail so it’s a bit brief but I like it anyway.

I read that the idea for the project came at least partially from Wave Race 64, is that true (And if it is, that is so amazingly awesome I can’t even begin to explain)?
-Very true. There’s something amazing about that game. It’s the nerdiest thing imaginable but I REALLY wish I lived in this level called Dolphin Park featured in Wave Race 64. The aesthetic/mood/feel looks like the way I want Owl City to sound. Tasty.

Your first few recordings did pretty well independently, why switch to a label, and a major at that?
-I kept asking myself what my goal for Owl City was at the end of the day and the answer kept coming back to the idea of wanting to share my art with as many people as are willing to listen. The label came along and that was that.

The album has been released for about a month now.  How has the response to it been?
-Incredible. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the response thus far has been breathtaking.

Matt from Reliant K is on the new record a bit, how did you get hooked up with him?
-We became friends in early 2009 and worked on a couple songs on the record. I grew up a huge Relient K fan so needless to say it was a surreal experience working with such an admirable artist. Nicest guy in the world.

As this was your first record for Universal, did the experience of writing and recording the record change the way you went about the process?  If So, How (for instance, are you still recording in your bedroom)?
-Honestly, it didn’t change at all. I made the Universal record the same way I made my first two independent records. In my basement.

Congrats on “Fireflies,” I’ve heard it a few times on the radio.  Are you at all surprised by the amount of attention it’s receiving?
-Very much so. I have absolutely no idea that song would be as well-received as it’s been. Completely thrilling.

The first time I heard Fireflies, I will admit I thought it was a new Postal Service song.  Who influences Owl City?
-A lot of experimental abstract music. I listen to a lot of Boards of Canada, Unwed Sailor and Hammock. Wordless music endlessly inspires me.

As an artist who gained so much popularity on MySpace, what do you think that says about the importance of networking sites like MySpace in the music industry?
-I think it’s great. Music is so much more accessible today than it ever has been in the past. Networking sites like MySpace allow musicians and bands to share their art with potentially millions and it’s all further proof of what an exciting day and age we’re living in.

Is it true that your first live show was in February of this year, and if so are you comfortable on stage yet?
-I wasn’t sure how much I’d like playing live, but since touring for a few months, I honestly really enjoy it.

The Rock N Roll Hotel show is sold out now.  How does it feel to know that you have a big enough following to sell out shows like that just a few years after starting?
-It makes me feel like eating Taco Bell and not wearing my seatbelt.




4 responses

28 10 2009

lolz at the last answer!

18 12 2009


27 01 2010

Well, I really like owl city, But yeah,, It sounds kinda newb to say, I SOOOO LOVE OWL CITY. so, I don’t. But I love listen to it. (:

why do I even leave a comment.. xd I don’t sound really nice.
I think I just got to find a life or something. (:

the guy of Owl City, i don’t even know if it’s a band or an artist name.. but, the singer is cute. (: well, I guess it isn’t a band, becouse you’re just interviewing the guy.. well. accutually, I don’t know because I haven’t red it. xd

jeahhh… weird.

27 01 2010

And my english is kinda crappy, so, I hope it doesn’t irritate too much. xd

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