Short Fest Update

31 10 2009

So I’m back at my comp for a few minutes before heading out to see D4 and thought I’d drop a line.

The interview with We Are The Union went really well, although it could be a bit until I transcribe the whole thing as I’m pretty busy this week.  It’s hot as balls in Florida and I’m really unprepared.  80s in October?  Come on Gainesville.

Saw Coffee Project and Joey Cape last night.  Rehasher and Dead To Me already today.  Hopefully D4, Less Than Jake, WATU and the Swellers later.  Also will probably head to Dead To Me/Comadre show later if I can find the venue.

This shit is sick and I’m having a blast.  Take it easy guys.



The Fest and Interviews

28 10 2009


Hello fine listeners/viewers!  This coming weekend I will be venturing down to Gainesville, Florida for my first crack at the annual punk extravaganza known as The Fest!  In between seeing great established bands like Less Than Jake and Dillinger Four, I’ll be doing my best to find some great new acts to spin on the show and introduce to you fine folks.  But, also whole I’m down there, I’m going to attempt to get a few interviews as well, with one already lined up with We Are The Union.  I’ll have my computer down there so hopefully I can do a few posts while shit goes down as well.
So here’s to hoping you have a great weekend, and just in case you’re unaware, here’s a bit more on We Are The Union after the jump.
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Tim Barry Interview

19 10 2009


As I recently gushed about, I had the chance to talk with Tim Barry (ex-Avail) for about a half hour two weeks ago and I finally have gotten around to transcribing the whole thing so you lovely readers can have a go at it.  The story that went to print can be read here, but of course, the interview is much longer and we cover a lot more ground.  Full interview after the jump.

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Interview with Tim Barry

8 10 2009


This is very last-minute but I literally just confirmed it myself.  This afternoon I will be talking with ex-Avail frontman Tim Barry.  Tim now does his own solo material of course, and we’ll be previewing his stint on the upcoming Revival Tour as well as talking a bit about his new 7” and full-length record.  If all goes well, it should be airing this week.  More news to come as I figure it out.