The Fest and Interviews

28 10 2009


Hello fine listeners/viewers!  This coming weekend I will be venturing down to Gainesville, Florida for my first crack at the annual punk extravaganza known as The Fest!  In between seeing great established bands like Less Than Jake and Dillinger Four, I’ll be doing my best to find some great new acts to spin on the show and introduce to you fine folks.  But, also whole I’m down there, I’m going to attempt to get a few interviews as well, with one already lined up with We Are The Union.  I’ll have my computer down there so hopefully I can do a few posts while shit goes down as well.
So here’s to hoping you have a great weekend, and just in case you’re unaware, here’s a bit more on We Are The Union after the jump.


We Are The Union is a great young ska/punk band out of Detroit.  The easy way out is to compare them to Less Than Jake in that they aren’t all upstrokes but sometimes simply add horns to their punk riffs.  Anyway, they are terrific and I’m really looking forward to both talking to them and to seeing them live for the first time on Saturday.  The interview will be posted shortly after it’s conducted.




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