My Top 10 Records of 2009

19 12 2009

So it’s been forever since I updated this but I’ve been getting owned by schoolwork, but finals officially end tomorrow, which means I can start updating this again.  But for my return to the site I’m posting a top-10 list, and I’m happy about it.  I’m a sucker for lists and being able to post my opinion is something I have no problem admitting to loving as well.  So here we go…

10.  All Time Low – Nothing Personal

No, it’s not art, and it’s far from a perfect record, but dammit I have a soft spot for pop-punk and this is some fine pop-punk.  It’s catchy, filled with cheap little songs about girls and “Weightless” was a solid ringtone for the entire summer.  It’s fun, and really, that’s all music needs to be for me.

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