Wolves In-Studio

25 03 2010

This upcoming Tuesday the 30th, Paul from Wolves (ex-We’re All Wolves, like I’ve called the project before) will be co-hosting the show.  We’ll play some songs off of his new District Kills Records-released Raised By Man EP, talk about the record and his plans for summer, as well as get a little drunk and most likely recount embarrassing stories from our past.  And of course, like always, I’ll also be playing the best punk College Park has to offer.  So listen in, wmucradio.com.


We Are The Union Record Update

25 03 2010

So friends of the show We Are The Union have set a release date for their upcoming record, Great Leaps Forward, and that date will be April 13.  For readers/fans of the show WATU is, of course, the band I interviewed at last year’s FEST in Gainesville.  For that interview, complete with a discussion of the album’s sound and artwork, go here.  As for the record itself, you can pre-order it on sites like Interpunk, but I would personally recommend Paper + Plastik’s webstore because they have some kick ass bundle packages for not much money.