Interview With Soupy (The Wonder Years)

28 06 2010

The Wonder Years are amazing, I just need to let you all know my bias before getting any further into this.  I reached out to The Wonder Years’ management a few weeks back not expecting a response, but instead I was met with complete cooperation and enthusiasm from Hopeless right down to Soupy himself.

So this past Wednesday I found myself in the cafe section of the Starbucks in Towson just talking with Soupy, vocalist of the band.  And I use the term “talking” because moreso than most interviews I’ve done, this just seemed like a conversation.  He shared personal stories, as well as the normal band stuff, and that impressed me completely.  He’s the real deal, and so is the rest of the band.  He’s extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the punk scene and seems to know a lot of people, which after, talking to him for a half an hour, makes complete sense.  The interview is after the jump, it’s a bit long, but it’s full of really interesting stuff.  Enjoy.

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