New blog

28 08 2010

So this coming semester (about 4 months) I will be studying in Prague, and as such will not be updating this site with any regularity, and most likely, not at all. But I will be keeping a travel podcast/blog over at , so go on, check that out, and enjoy the back catalogue of interviews here until I’m back in the States.


Interview with The Academy Is…’s Adam Siska

26 08 2010

I have actually interviewed the guy before, but as The Academy Is… rolled through Washington, DC, with KISS of all bands, I had the chance to talk to Adam Siska, bassist of the group, for a while. Like before he was extremely cool and gave some real insight into this crazy tour The Academy Is… is currently on. Full interview after the jump.

Adam? How are you doing today?

I’m good just up here in Syracuse.
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