My Top 10 Records of 2010

23 12 2010

This year, while being the year I was probably the most disconnected from the American music scene that I have ever been, was still the best year for music that I can remember.  There were some great tours (that I missed most of), and even better records.  I can honestly say that any of my top four records this year could have topped last year’s list.  It was just an amazing ride of a year, and while there were plenty of lows personally, there were even more highs — including the day that linked my site and I almost hit 1000 pageviews — and the music never has been better. But before we start, remember, these are my favorite records of the year, and are not necessarily the “best.” So now, without further aduei, I give you my top 10 records of 2010, starting with…

10.  The National – High Violet [4AD]

It’s a record that I came upon very late in the year –only about a month ago did I listen the whole way through — but it turns out everyone was right about it.  The National are a band that I am painfully unfamiliar with, so I really can’t write much about them as a band, but I can say that this little melancholy record hit home for me.  It’s simple, elegant and uplifting all at the same time, and it was a terrific find for me personally.
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Why I’m Back On The Against Me! Train

14 12 2010

I’m back on board with Against Me!.

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