Turn On The Shuffle, It’s Friday

4 02 2011

Bowling For Soup – “Running Away From Your Dad” from the album Drunk Enough To Dance
I have a decent amount of Bowling for Soup in my collection, and I think they can be quite catchy when it comes down to it.  This song though, is not one of those times.

Black Flag – “Rise Above” from the album Damaged
I mean, what can I say about this song that hasn’t already been said; it’s a classic for a reason.  Raw, powerful and pure Black Flag.  Sidenote about this one, I saw the Street Dogs perform this live one time and it was completely awesome.  True story.

Paramore – “Brighter” from the album All We Know Is Falling
I’ll just throw it right out there, I really like Paramore.  They’re a good pop-rock band and that’s all there is to it.  This isn’t their best song, but it still has a decent hook and Hayley’s  voice is still amazingly powerful for being such a little girl (she was around 16/17 when recording this record).

Jack Johnson – “Breakdown” from the album In Between Dreams
I went through a pretty big Jack Johnson phase my senior year of high school while trying to impress this girl who was into him.  He’s a solid listen sometimes, but is far from my favorite — especially in February in the North East.

Strike Anywhere – “Antidote” from the Fat Wrecktrospective
These dudes are great and I love when any of their material comes on at any time.  Sure a lot of their songs sound like a lot of their other songs, but they’re all great so who cares?  On a separate note, the Wrecktrospecive was an absolutely awesome release and was well worth the money.


Interview with Less Than Jake’s JR

2 02 2011

Last Thursday, Less Than Jake came through Baltimore, and last Wednesday, because their show in Poughkeepsie had been snowed out, JR [far right] from Less Than Jake took some time out to talk to me.  Except he ended up taking a lot of time out to talk to me.  A lot.  So what follows is not just the normal ‘I’m on tour’ stuff, but instead a look inside an experienced band’s member and his views of the road, the [now] defunct Strike Gently, and why he think Justin Bieber is punk.  Seriously.


It’s early in the tour, but there’s no name for the tour, is there?

Yea, it’s a no name tour.  We’ve been calling it the no-name tour.  That doesn’t happen anymore; nobody gives a carp about these tours with 15 bands on it.  We’re Less Than Jake, we’re going on tour, come find us.

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Pop Punk Is Back

2 02 2011

Over the past year or so, clearly, pop-punk has made a comeback.  Not in a huge way, mind you, but it still has.  I’m going to have a full article on this soon, but I’m listening to one of Fuck Yea Pop Punk’s awesome mixtapes right now and I just felt I had to share that.  Seriously, though long rant coming soon, along with a very fun new interview which should be up later tonight/tomorrow morning.

Also, I started a Tumblr, check it out if you’re bored. Into This Ashtray Life