New Wolves Blog Post

2 01 2011

So my friends over at District Kills Records are gearing up for the new release by Wolves, and Paul (Wolves’ architect of sorts/above left) is keeping a blog about the recording of the record.  As a good friend of mine, I’m doing all I can to help the dude out, so check out his latest update, in which he goes into extreme detail about each of the album’s planned tracks HERE .


My Top 10 Records of 2010

23 12 2010

This year, while being the year I was probably the most disconnected from the American music scene that I have ever been, was still the best year for music that I can remember.  There were some great tours (that I missed most of), and even better records.  I can honestly say that any of my top four records this year could have topped last year’s list.  It was just an amazing ride of a year, and while there were plenty of lows personally, there were even more highs — including the day that linked my site and I almost hit 1000 pageviews — and the music never has been better. But before we start, remember, these are my favorite records of the year, and are not necessarily the “best.” So now, without further aduei, I give you my top 10 records of 2010, starting with…

10.  The National – High Violet [4AD]

It’s a record that I came upon very late in the year –only about a month ago did I listen the whole way through — but it turns out everyone was right about it.  The National are a band that I am painfully unfamiliar with, so I really can’t write much about them as a band, but I can say that this little melancholy record hit home for me.  It’s simple, elegant and uplifting all at the same time, and it was a terrific find for me personally.
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Insubordination Fest Preview

25 06 2009

So I wrote a preview of sorts for Insubordination Fest in the Diamondback today, you can check it out here.  To go off of that I need to give a thank you to a few people for helping out in that story.  For those of you who don’t know, it can be extremely hard to track down people in the entertainment business, and finding people who are accessible and nice to work with isn’t that easy.  That being said, I want to thank Adam from the Copyrights, Kepi Ghoulie, and Joe from the Dead Milkmen for answering my e-mails and helping me get the story done.  Not everyone was as easy to work with, so I thank you guys.

As for the festival itself, it kicks off tonight at the Ottobar with Teenage Bottlerocket headlining.  Doors are at 5 and tickets are $12.  The actual festival will start tomorrow at Sonar with the likes of Banner Pilot, The Metzingers, Pansy Division playing early, with Dead Milkmen headlining.  D4 closes the fest down on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  Find a complete schedule here.
In an unrelated note I’m finally going to see We’re All Wolves tonight at the basement show at Miracle on 34th.  I’ll let Paul get inappropriately drunk then ask him about the EP and when we’ll be able to hear it.

Be safe,

Sloat Entertainment is Amazing

2 02 2009


So like I just said in the last post, I went and got my records and the other new record was by a band called TAT and their album is “Soho Lights.” Anyway, it’s pretty damn good and I can’t say enough about this band.  I love their sound and I think they’re gonna blow up really soon.

But what impressed me even more than the record itself, was TAT’s management group, Sloat Entertainment.  The guy who I was in touch with was just super nice the whole way through the process.  And then once I get the package with the record in it, the guy I’d been e-mailing not only threw a couple stickers in there, but he also had a thank you note in there (which is something that never has happened to me before, and something that is nowhere in the standard industry handbook).

So I’ll be playing plenty of TAT and you’ll be enjoying them heavily.0022

New Music From Reel Big Fish

9 01 2009


A quick e-mail to Rock Ridge Music’s radio department yesterday led to a short but sweet response and a promise that I will have Reel Big Fish’s new album ‘Fame, Fortune And Fornication’ when it’s released on the 20th.  It’s a cover album so no “new” material, but it’ll be fun I’m sure.  Look for it on my first show of the semester.

New Music From Tat is Coming

11 12 2008

So as I had mentioned briefly on last week’s show, we sent an e-mail to Tat’s management asking for CD so we could play more tracks on the show.  Well the manager, Adam Sloat, sent me back like the nicest e-mail I’ve ever received from a management/A&R person in my two years of doing this.  But basically he said that he was sending my info over to the Planetary Group (who promote young bands from the look of their website) and that I should have the album soon.  That was sent on Monday, so hopefully we will have the CD for the last show of the semester, this upcoming Monday, 12/15.


In the meantime, you should head on over to Tat’s MySpace and check out their music for yourself.  Sure, it’s not groundbreaking, but it’s kicking my ass right now in the awesome department.

Package from Fat Wreck Chords – Update

31 10 2008

So I get a text right aroind 2 from fellow DJ Evan Volski (listen to his show on MUC-2 Fridays at 2pm) saying I have a package at the station.  Turns out, the package came straight from Fat’s San Francisco office and just got me a bundle of f-cking goodness.  The fine people at Fat sent:

  • Dillinger Four’s Civil War
  • No Use For A Name’s The Feel Good Record Of The Year
  • Swingin Utters’ Hatest Grits: B-sides And Bullshit
  • Dead To Me’s Little Brother

I’ll be sure to play a track from each in what is turning into a jam-packed show (Souls interview!), but it’s really going to be a good one.  Listen up kids!