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12 03 2009
Adam Sloat

Hey guys, wow, thanks for the blog love!! I was just going through TAT online press and the link came up that’s more about my company. That really made my day. I’m glad you appreciated the treatment – it’s the only way in my book. I love working with and for TAT, so anyone that has the slightest interest in the band is a friend of mine. If you wanted a CD, it was my pleasure to hook you up. We’re all music fans here, and we all appreciate something real and entertaining like TAT, so we should all treat each other with respect and appreciation! I’m sorry to hear more people don’t do that, because it’s people like you that help a band like TAT have a career and make new fans. Your love for music and your support of good bands is not something to be taken for granted.

I sure don’t!

So rock on and take care! Stay in touch! email me anytime….
Adam Sloat

24 03 2011
Vaclav Havel


Play more Hall and Oates or I will fly to your town on my bald eagle and bust a bottle of fern (empty of course) over your skull.


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