A Day To Remember’s “All I Want” Video Is Awesome, Has Amazing Cameos

8 01 2011

Firstly, you can’t embed the video and it’s only available at MTV.com so click HERE to see it if you haven’t already.

But here’s the important part: it’s a really good video.  I look at music videos now as mostly useless.  No one really watches them and they really aren’t shown on TV anymore, and punk bands are never shown on TV so it matters even less to me because of that.  But honestly, I bet I’ve seen this video  six or seven times in the past three days.  It’s good, it’s creative, and has an amazingly impressive list of cameos. After some digging around on the interwebs, and watching the video, I’m pretty sure this is a complete list of the cameos, in order of their appearance:

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