Interview with Less Than Jake’s JR

2 02 2011

Last Thursday, Less Than Jake came through Baltimore, and last Wednesday, because their show in Poughkeepsie had been snowed out, JR [far right] from Less Than Jake took some time out to talk to me.  Except he ended up taking a lot of time out to talk to me.  A lot.  So what follows is not just the normal ‘I’m on tour’ stuff, but instead a look inside an experienced band’s member and his views of the road, the [now] defunct Strike Gently, and why he think Justin Bieber is punk.  Seriously.


It’s early in the tour, but there’s no name for the tour, is there?

Yea, it’s a no name tour.  We’ve been calling it the no-name tour.  That doesn’t happen anymore; nobody gives a carp about these tours with 15 bands on it.  We’re Less Than Jake, we’re going on tour, come find us.

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Full Steve Jackson Interview

30 07 2009


After a short delay, here is the full interview I did with Steve Jackson from the Pietasters about a week ago.  He was really laid back and gave some honest answers which is really cool.  But in it we talk about their future plans for writing and recording, the current state of the industry, how wierd New Jersey is and how he gets occasional drunk dials from Less Than Jake.  You can also read the printed version on page 8 of the Diamondback this week, or read the online version here.  This one is way longer and not torn apart by my editor.  Full interview after the jump.

You guys are only doing select shows right now, kind of limited to the East Coast.  Is that just to stay sharp?

Yea.  You know we, we’re old guys now and the guitar player and I have been renovating my house since September of last year.  And our drummer’s wife just
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