Larry And His Flask Sign

26 01 2011

Sorry it’s been sparse around here lately, but I’ve had a lot of turmoil in my personal life that is finally resolved, so we’re good to go now.

Which brings me to Larry And His Flask.  I saw these dudes perform about a year and a half ago (roughly) before Dropkick Murphys and Strung Out, ad I have to say, they are just a BLAST.  They’re big dudes, who play big instruments and are just packed with energy.  They’re a folk-punk-bluegrass hybrid who I like waaaaaaaaaaay more than new Fat signees Old Man Markley, which is why I’m stoked that Larry has signed to a real label, Silver Sprocket.
Now I don’t know a thing about that label, but Punknews says that they will release Larry’s old EP and this is a very good thing.  When I saw them on the aforementioned tour, they had no recorded material and were asking people to buy shirts to fund them buying studio time.  Well now they have a home and hopefully we’ll get much more out of these guys very soon.  Until a release date is settled on however, they will be hitting the road on the awesome-sounding Streetlight Manifesto/A Loss For Words Tour.  Check the dates for that, as well as the original Punknews story here.