Turn On The Shuffle, It’s Friday

4 02 2011

Bowling For Soup – “Running Away From Your Dad” from the album Drunk Enough To Dance
I have a decent amount of Bowling for Soup in my collection, and I think they can be quite catchy when it comes down to it.  This song though, is not one of those times.

Black Flag – “Rise Above” from the album Damaged
I mean, what can I say about this song that hasn’t already been said; it’s a classic for a reason.  Raw, powerful and pure Black Flag.  Sidenote about this one, I saw the Street Dogs perform this live one time and it was completely awesome.  True story.

Paramore – “Brighter” from the album All We Know Is Falling
I’ll just throw it right out there, I really like Paramore.  They’re a good pop-rock band and that’s all there is to it.  This isn’t their best song, but it still has a decent hook and Hayley’s  voice is still amazingly powerful for being such a little girl (she was around 16/17 when recording this record).

Jack Johnson – “Breakdown” from the album In Between Dreams
I went through a pretty big Jack Johnson phase my senior year of high school while trying to impress this girl who was into him.  He’s a solid listen sometimes, but is far from my favorite — especially in February in the North East.

Strike Anywhere – “Antidote” from the Fat Wrecktrospective
These dudes are great and I love when any of their material comes on at any time.  Sure a lot of their songs sound like a lot of their other songs, but they’re all great so who cares?  On a separate note, the Wrecktrospecive was an absolutely awesome release and was well worth the money.


My Top 10 Records of 2009

19 12 2009

So it’s been forever since I updated this but I’ve been getting owned by schoolwork, but finals officially end tomorrow, which means I can start updating this again.  But for my return to the site I’m posting a top-10 list, and I’m happy about it.  I’m a sucker for lists and being able to post my opinion is something I have no problem admitting to loving as well.  So here we go…

10.  All Time Low – Nothing Personal

No, it’s not art, and it’s far from a perfect record, but dammit I have a soft spot for pop-punk and this is some fine pop-punk.  It’s catchy, filled with cheap little songs about girls and “Weightless” was a solid ringtone for the entire summer.  It’s fun, and really, that’s all music needs to be for me.

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Colli Park Show

17 05 2009

Soooo a hardcore show happened.  In College Park.  I had a blast but it wasn’t 100% my cup of tea obviously.  Here’s what did happen:  This Is Hell was good — you know, hardcore good.  And Bane was solid.  I thought everything sounded the same but that’s how I view hardcore.  But then there was Strike Anywhere.
They promised (on their website) to play a lot of old songs, and they lived up to it.  I don’t think there was one song off of Dead FM in the entire 45 min set.  Terrific stuff.  And as always, their lead singer, Thomas was gracious as anything and hung around after the show to talk to some fans.  According to him, they will have a new album out soon — but more around September, rather than “Summer” as their MySpace previously said.  Also, look for the record to drop on a new label.  Thomas only had great things to say about recording with Fat, but says they will be on a new label this time around.

Didn’t  get a sound bite, sorry.  Next time I’ll be stealthier.

Strike Anywhere

16 05 2009

So the great fellows in Strike Anywhere will be gracing College Park tonight!  Its some benefit at St. Andrews Church — which is the one right behind the book store on Rt. 1.  They’re there with Bane, This is Hell and more.  Im going and hopefully will talk to a few of the guys and find out some more info tonight.  Stay posted.